CS4 is surprising

December 13, 2008

I don’t know how many of you have upgraded to the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite, but I have to admit I was really shocked at how much better it is than CS3.  Don’t get me wrong; I liked CS3 so much that I didn’t feel compelled to upgrade, but when I started using the latest version (familiarizing myself with it so I’d be able to keep up with kids at iD Tech Camp this summer in the new Graphic Design curriculum) I realized that my hesitation was unfounded.  There are so many cool updates and tweaks that I can’t count them all, but I’ve really been spending a lot of time editing photos recently, and I can’t wait to get out and shoot more every day so that I will have material to try new photo editing techniques on.

How many of you are using the latest version?  If you’re using it, I’ll be posting some video tutorials where you can get some of my tips and tricks, and if you aren’t yet using it, well, that’s ok, too.  Just be ready to do a lot of learning when summer rolls around and you’re enrolled in one of the classes where we teach Photoshop at iD Tech!


iD Tech Camps – three seasons and counting

November 10, 2008

I’ve been working for iD Tech Camps for 3 seasons – going into my fourth season in 2009.  I’m interested in technology and kids and having fun, and iD is the perfect place to tie it all together.  I started working at iD as a camp Director because my sister, who is also a Regional Manager, needed a last-minute replacement for a staffer who was unable to work for the summer due to a health concern, and I immediately felt welcomed into the iD family.  It was an amazing experience, and the support was top-notch from all departments.  I felt challenged on all levels, from technology to people skills, and I knew I wanted to stay with the company full-time.  I wish I’d had instruction of this caliber and material when I was the age of our campers!  I’ve overseen every course I could get to, from Video Game Creation and Web Design to Robotics and 3D Modeling with Maya.

I really enjoying working with kids and learning more about technology, so I started this blog to help answer questions people might have about coding, and to connect to people who have made interesting designs and want to share them.

I am an avid soccer fan.  It’s one of the only sports that I watch on television, as I’d rather be playing or participating in nearly any outdoor activity than watching the tube, although I make an exception for YouTube videos.  I love to try to keep up with current trends on the Web through sites such as StumbleUpon, and I like to post my photos on Flickr.

You can see some of the photos we’ve taken from iD Tech Camps during the last summer at http://www.flickr.com/photos/idtechcamps/. I’ll also be adding some of my own soon.